The Best Electric Razors For Men (2023): A Definitive Guide

Finding the right electric razor should be easy and straightforward.

After all, getting a close and comfortable shave, preferably without spending a ton of money, sounds like a very reasonable expectation.

However, choosing a good men’s electric shaver seems to be anything but simple.

This guide aims to change all that by redefining the way we approach this problem. Precisely, we’ll start with you — the user — and get to the actual razors from there.

In my opinion, this is what’s fundamentally wrong with all the roundups of the so-called best shavers we see crop up all over the web: they barely account for the user and his needs.

I’ve bought and tested all the shavers in this guide, so I will present their pros and cons from the perspective of what it’s like to own and use them regularly.

I am confident that by the time you finish reading the article, you’ll have a clear understanding of what makes a certain razor suitable in a given situation and ultimately decide which electric razor is best for you.

Why is choosing a shaver so unnecessarily complicated?

For starters, I’d say that the sheer number of models and revisions creates some sort of paradox of choice. There are just too many of them.

You’ve probably been in the position of having to buy a certain product only to go back and forth repeatedly between several options, constantly wondering which one would be the best option.

And to add insult to injury, selecting an electric shaver is plagued by yet another issue: a poor documentation of the differences between the various models.

Often times the model names make absolutely no sense and the manufacturer doesn’t make the slightest effort to showcase the actual differences between the razors in a particular series.

Many review sites are also filled with conflicting or irrelevant information about the newly released models.

We often see product updates being rolled out with no indication of how significant they are or if the older shavers still represent a viable option.

There are cases where the new shaver models are nothing more than a cosmetic makeover.

But there are also times when a shaver is a completely new product, employing important changes that will impact the actual performance.

These are in my opinion very important aspects to consider when recommending or comparing electric shavers.

The problem with most best shavers lists

You’ve probably already tried searching for what would ideally be the best electric razor for you and stumbled upon a myriad of related articles.

Unfortunately, there are a few major problems with most of these roundups.

First and foremost, that elusive best shaver doesn’t exist.

The best you can hope for is to find an electric razor that checks most of the boxes for your particular needs and comes with the fewest shortcomings.

Secondly, most reviewers out there have never actually tested the razors in question.

They just come up with lists of the most popular and over-hyped shavers, copying what others are saying and repeating some marketing fluff taken straight out of a press release or product page.

You’ll rarely see on-point criticism and genuine assessments.

I know this is a very serious claim, but unfortunately there are only a handful of reliable resources out there when it comes to testing electric shavers.

I think it’s pretty obvious why this is a flawed approach.

Apart from the reliability of the information that is questionable at best, almost all of these articles never seem to consider that men are differenttheir needs are different and their shaving habits are different.

Which leads us to the next part.

Choosing the right shaver comes down to your personal needs

It’s important to note that an electric shaver review is based on anecdotal findings and at least some parts will be affected by user bias.

A particular shaver may be the best option for me, but it can also perform poorly when used by someone else.

And this is the result of us men being different and expecting different things from an electric razor.

Accounting for these differences and use cases is key when recommending an electric shaver as it will exponentially increase the odds of you buying a suitable shaving machine.

So how does one go about this? What are the most important factors to consider when coming up with a list of the best electric razors for men that should suit a plethora of different users and situations?

After using and testing electric razors for over 20 years, I believe that it comes down to the following factors:

  • Shaver-specific pros and cons (closeness, comfort, speed, ease of cleaning and maintenance, etc.);
  • Facial hair particularities (coarseness, hairs with different grain, flat-lying hairs, rate of hair growth);
  • Sensitive skin (predisposition to razor burn, rashes, ingrown hairs, bumps etc.);
  • Shaving habits (shaving more or less often, dry or wet, etc.);
  • Budget (initial investment, replacement foils/blades, cleaning solution).

I am confident that this “holistic” approach is the way to go when it comes to choosing an electric razor that will perform great in your case.

Today’s modern electric shavers have come a very long way and you can currently find some great products out there.

But as I already said, a particular razor won’t be ideal in every situation.

To address this, I will share some of the best electric shavers I’ve tested so far, centered around those 5 key aspects mentioned above, hopefully helping you pick the right one.

I will present only the things that are truly important — including the negatives — from the perspective of someone that actually owns and uses these products on a regular basis.

With every shaver on this list, I will also try to explain why I chose that particular model over another.

Most of the time this will be a matter of price, availability in 2023 and whether the razor has genuinely useful features.

The best men’s electric shavers for 2023

1. Braun Series 9 9390cc


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